Elise smiles with her Sesame Street friends

Elise Goes to Sesame Place

Meet Elise! An adorably confident 3-year-old, from Hillsboro, who enjoys playing make-believe and loves all things Sesame Street.

In the hospital, she dreamed of sunny days, sweeping the clouds away. Elise battled a cancerous brain tumor and her heartfelt wish was to meet her favorite friends at Sesame Place.

The experience welcomed back so much joy into her life.

"Going to Sesame Place was so fun," said Elise. "I met all the characters, Elmo, Ernie, Bert, and Snuffy. He had a big trunk." 

Elise played and played all day at Sesame Place, only stopping for hugs from her furry friends.

"I gave them hugs and high-fives, and fist pumps," said Elise. "It was very brave and I was so happy.”

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