Tymina and Rocky

A Companion to Keep Her Warm

One moment changes everything.

For Tymina, it was the instant she cradled Rocky in her arms for the first time.
“He’s so cute,” exclaimed Tymina. “I don’t want to let him go.” 

The 9-year-old wished to have a puppy to keep her company in the hospital. 

She’s been talking about this for years,” said Tymina’s mom. “To see her dream come true is amazing.” 

The Boston Terrier comforts Tymina when she is in pain and cuddles with her when she’s cold.
“One of the side effects of her disease is that she’s always cold,” she added.   

“To see them together like this, is just over-the-top amazing.” 

Together, they now get through the hard times.