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I wish to have a pocket beagle puppy



cystic fibrosis

Hannah goes shopping for her new puppy, Oscar.

Hannah's Fur-Ever Friend

It didn’t take long for 15-year-old Hannah to make a new best friend – in fact, it only took a few seconds. 

Moments after walking through the door of the breeder’s house, a small, excitable ball of fur came scrambling towards her.  With his tail wagging a million times a minute, Hannah knew this was going to be her fur-ever friend – a Pocket Beagle puppy that she would name Oscar.“It was basically a match made in heaven,” said Hannah’s mom, Tiffany. 

Hannah cuddles her new furry friend, Oscar.

With Oscar in tow, Hannah’s volunteers took her to her local pet supplies store where she filled her cart with everything a new dog owner could dream of: dog food, a dog bed, toys and even the tiniest sweater ever.  Oscar was sure to feel more than comfortable with his new family.

Growing up on a farm, Hannah has always had a love of animals.  To her, they are more than pets – they are family.  Being diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, Hannah’s life was filled with daily medications and breathing treatments, yet she has always found solace in her animal family members.

With Oscar as their latest addition, there is a revived energy within their household.  Even the cat loves him! Most importantly though, Oscar has given Hannah newfound hope and strength.  When the two are apart, it seems like an eternity to Hannah and the time they are together is filled with nothing but love and laughs.  No matter what kind of day Hannah has had, it is nothing that Oscar cannot fix.

According to her mom, “As soon as she sees him, life’s good again . . . she wants to keep herself healthy for him because he needs her.”  There is no doubt that together, Hannah and Oscar are ready to take on all that life may throw at them, as long as they have each other.