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Wish kid Trey

Trey's Wish

Thank you for bringing my family together 

Thank you for bringing my family together 

“My son Trey loves to spend his free time camping, hiking, seeking bigfoot and exploring all the great outdoors has to offer.  

However, the progressiveness of Trey’s neuromuscular disorder requires him to navigate with a wheelchair and leg-braces for the past many years, severely limiting the areas he could adventure to. Even with our best intentions and considerable planning, many of our family’s explorations were impossibly impassable—simply because of one log, one root, a small creek, an unexpected boulder or unpacked ground.  

But, because of your support, missing out on family time in the wilderness would soon change.  

Wish kid Trey

Trey wished for an all-terrain wheelchair that would allow him to hike and access the beach. Our excitement for beach time, puddle and stream-hopping, rugged hikes on unpaved trails and zooming in the snow was through the roof.  

On January 3, 2019, an unstoppable adventure began for our family. On this day, Trey was given a gift that changed all of our lives – forever! 

One that would allow him to navigate the rocky road of life, physically, for many years to come, and emotionally empower him to take the road less traveled. A gift that would get him off the sidelines and into the adventure and fun.  

One that would allow our entire family to explore together, rather than consistently be divided as we have discovered that mud, sand, water, streams, and snow will stop us in a heartbeat, and there’s no amount of creativity that can power through it.  

Trey is now at the wheel, and I’m excited to see what kind of mischief he gets us all into.  

The weekend following, we were on the beach as a family for the first time in eight years. Shortly after that, he was zooming through the snow. This was the beginning of an adventure for Trey that will last a lifetime.  

I have experienced first-hand the power and truth behind the Make-A-Wish motto, ‘one moment changes everything.’ The moment Trey was finally on the beach was that moment, and it will stick with me forever.” 

-Wish mom, Cori 

Wish kid Trey

See Trey's wish come to life!

Special thanks to Idea Decanter for probono video production services and wish-granting volunteers Lonnie Hall and Danya Hill.