Referrer Stephanie

Social worker talks about the impact of Make-A-Wish not only on her

As a social worker for Providence Medical Group’s Pediatric Sub-Specialty Clinic, Stephanie has referred more than 30 Alaskan children to Make-A-Wish in the past several years. 

“Wishes allow kids to be kids,” said Stephanie. “It is a time when they do not have to focus on their medical condition and the treatment they are receiving.” 

Wishes have proven physical and emotional benefits for children, and she loves watching the “joy, wonder and excitement” unfold.

Whether a child has wished to go to Hawaii or to meet their favorite celebrity, Stephanie witnesses the happiness firsthand in a way that only wishes make possible. “When a child is going through medical treatment, they are able to think about their potential wish, or their wish that occurred, and it consistently brings a smile to their face.” 
Why do you refer children to Make-A-Wish? 
I refer kids to Make-A-Wish because it is absolutely amazing. It is a dream come true for the kids and their families. There are days when it feels like we are doing nothing but giving people bad news, but Make-A-Wish makes it possible for the children to have something to look forward to. It also makes our team happy to get them ready for their wishes, and see their pictures and the amazing memories they made. I don’t think people realize the financial strain having a chronic or life-threatening condition has on families. Make-A-Wish provides some of these families with a vacation or wish that would never have been attainable otherwise. It is not only lasting memories for the children, but for their families as well.