Volunteer Henry

Volunteers make a difference in every town 

Wish-granting volunteer Henry is one-of-a-kind. He’s literally the only bilingual wish-granting volunteer in an entire county in central Washington. Without Henry, Spanish-speaking wish children would have to wait much longer for their wishes to be granted. 

“All kids matter,” said Henry. “No one should be excluded from the opportunity to feel normal.” By speaking a family’s native language, Henry finds that fear of the unknown dissolves and friendships are born. 

Henry is on a quest to bring more awareness of Make-A-Wish to small communities by encouraging others to volunteer. “Being able to grant a wish is inspirational,” he said. 

Henry enjoys any opportunity he has to share about his Make-A-Wish experience with anyone he meets; he’s proud to positively impact lives of local families in his small Central Washington town and hopes that his experience will inspire others to become wish granting volunteers.  

“Being able to grant a wish is inspirational.”

Despite COVID-19, Make-A-Wish is still training and on-boarding volunteers. If you’re interested in the life-changing work of Make-A-Wish and becoming a volunteer, please contact our Volunteer Manager to begin your transformative journey.