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Wish Kid Grace and Family

Give Back by Hosting a Traveling Wish Family

Wish kid Grace and family in Paris

For a child with a critical illness and his or her family, a wish trip is a much-needed escape from the unimaginable reality of battling a critical illness. Wish trips give these children and their families a chance to reconnect and create joyful memories that will last forever. Many families return from their wish trips feeling stronger and more hopeful.

Airbnb’s Open Homes program is crucial to these experiences, because a temporary home gives a wish family a space to be authentically themselves during much-deserved respite. Airbnb’s Open Homes program provides housing for wish families who travel around the world for their life-changing wish trips.

Together, Airbnb and its generous host community have given accommodation to thousands of wish kids and their families since 2017. 

As an Open Homes host, you can show your generosity by temporarily offering your space for free to wish families during their trip. We hope you’ll join this community of generous hosts today.

Community members like you can offer their home at no cost to wish families who need a place to stay while traveling.