I wish to see snow



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Iris sees snow

Snow, Winter Paradise and Everlasting Memories

When Iris was 3, her family learned that she had a brain tumor that would require intensive medical treatments.

"Her diagnosis changed a lot," said Kristin, Iris' mom. "We went from planning everything to living in the moment because we didn't know what was going to happen next."

Inspired by her favorite movie, the one thing that truly brightened Iris' spirits throughout her treatments was daydreaming about wintry imagery. After connecting with Make-A-Wish, Iris knew her one true wish was to experience snow for herself. Soon, the family traveled to the winter paradise of Vermont. There, Iris and her siblings beamed with excitement as they went ice skating, built snowmen, rode snow mobiles and took skiing lessons. While the weather was chilly, warm feelings of joy filled Iris' heart.

"It was literally the first time in three years that we did not think about Iris' illness."
Iris' mom

"It was literally the first time in three years that we did not think about [Iris' illness]," said Kristin. "All we did was spend time together and enjoy each other’s company."

Now 9, Iris is on the road to recovery. Her life-changing wish not only created everlasting family memories, it gave her renewed strength on her health journey. "[Iris' wish] gives her a way to be with friends and share her experiences," said Isaac, Iris' dad. "You can definitely see the change in her."