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Wish kid Alex

Alex's Wish to be a DJ at Governers Ball

In December 2016, wish kid Alex was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma, a type of bone cancer. "Prior to that I was all sports," says Alex about his journey.

When treatment began, Alex found himself diving into music, learning how to produce mixes. Before he knew it, he had over 12 MILLION plays on his songs. His first post had 100,000 views within the first week. Before he leaves for college, Make-A-Wish Hudson Valley had something else in mind. May 14th, 2019 marks the date when we help make Alex's dream, a reality.

Partnering with z100 and iHeart radio, we were able to reveal to Alex, LIVE on the radio, that his wish to DJ a set at Governor's Ball was coming true!

Alex thought he was just getting a VIP tour of the radio station he grew up listening to but radio disc jockey Maxwell and Make-A-Wish had a special surprise for him...

Maxwell had Alex read an intro to his [email protected] radio show which revealed to him that his wish was going true...Alex, you're going to have the opportunity to play a set LIVE at Gov Ball this summer! To say Alex was surprised would be an understatement.

z100 and iHeart radio were gracious enough to also give Alex the opportunity to play one of his signature mixes during Maxwell's [email protected] countdown. What a way to get the wish kicked off!

Watch the exact moment wish kid Alex found out his wish to perform a DJ set at The Governors Ball Music Festival is going to be granted!

Wish kid Alex
Wish Reveal (Z100)