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Nesim's movie room makeover

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Nesim is a typical nine-year-old who loves all types of sports, enjoys playing PlayStation and Xbox, cheering on his favorite football team, the New York Giants, and is an avid movie watcher.

In December 2017, Nesim and his family were faced with what no family ever imagines they will experience. At the young age of six, Nesim was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

"My younger son, who was four at the time, and Nesim kept getting croup on and off for two weeks straight," Nesim's father Can shared. "Finally, after the third time, randomly on a Tuesday night, my wife and I made the decision to run to the doctor's office after work just to see what was going on."

After an initial checkup, Nesim's doctor recommended he get blood work done. Nesim went to the hospital at 7:00PM, went home and his family ordered pizza.

"I remember the day as if it was yesterday," Can reflected. "We got the phone call at 8:00PM from his doctor stating please go to the ER and our Child Life team and a Hematologist will be waiting."

For the next two and a half years, Nesim would undergo chemotherapy treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia through The Valerie Fund at Morristown Medical Center.

"Dr. Fritz was amazing at the Center and educated us every step of the way," Nesim's father continued. "Nesim's cancer was the less aggressive kind and only had to have two and half years of treatment rather than three and a half. The chemo he received was the less aggressive kind which did less damage as other chemos would have done. It was still tough as we had to have phases and one phase was three-day stays at the hospital, seven times across a span of six months. However, we are blessed to have an amazing support system, and my two sisters-in-law, my father and my whole family stepped up and allowed my wife and me to continue to work. We all worked together to help Nesim. When they say it takes a village, they were not lying."

Nesim's movie room
Nesim's movie room

Nesim was referred to Make-A-Wish New Jersey by his medical team at the hospital. Amidst the global pandemic, Nesim's wish would be something he could enjoy in the safety and comfort of his own home. Nesim's love of movies surfaced quickly, and he chose to wish for a movie room in the family basement.

From a big screen TV, to special theater seats, a brand-new surround sound system, curtains, a mini fridge, popcorn machine, movie posters and more, Nesim's new movie theater oasis was a wish come true.

"We had our first move night, which was Hamilton with the whole family, and it was a great memory all of us will keep," Can shared. "Now, Nesim and I have an area to sit down relax and watch the Giants as we both are die-hard fans, and he is excited for the next month as the PS5 and Xbox are coming out and he cannot wait!"

Nesim concluded his treatments this past Spring and he continues to do well.

"We are never out of the woods but still take each day as it comes," his father shared.

Nesim's wish came as a welcome respite from the fears and stresses that come with a life-threatening medical condition. For Nesim, a movie room would serve as a place to relax, play games, watch his favorite movies and sports teams and, most importantly, create lasting memories with his family.