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Madison's wish to have a MacBook Pro

Madison Gets Connected With Her New Computer

Madison has courageously battled thyroid cancer and has endured much throughout her diagnosis and treatments.

During such unprecedented times, Madison has also had to experience continued isolation with high concern for her health amidst the global pandemic.

When she was asked that seemingly simple, but powerful question, "if you could have one wish what would it be?" – Madison knew her answer. She wished for her very own MacBook Pro.

Madison's wish came true during a time of unexpected separation. According to Madison, her own MacBook Pro would give her a new outlet to stay in touch with her closest friends, watch her favorite shows, and enjoy the things a typical Sophomore should enjoy.

The Make-A-Wish New Jersey team hit the road for a surprise delivery for Madison at the end of the summer, and the 15-year-old's wish items were safely delivered to her doorstep, along with a special dinner from Jersey Mike's Subs.

"The past year has been hard, we're not going to lie," Madison's parents shared. "It's been pretty overwhelming."

Madison's reaction to the surprise delivery, with neighbors, family and friends stopping by outside her home to show their support, was sheer awe.

"It was really fun," she shared. "It was a lot, but it was really fun!"

Her parents shared that they were taken aback by the delivery as well.

"Tears were being shed," they continued. "Our neighbors were jealous of our dinner from Jersey Mike's, too! Thank you to everyone who made this possible."

Madison's wish to have a MacBook Pro
Madison's wish to have a MacBook Pro