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Emmy's wish for a safe backyard

Emmy's Wish Transforms Her Favorite Place To Play

4-year-old Emmy, who has courageously battled multiple diagnoses, and spent the first four months of her life in the hospital, loves playing outside.

According to her parents, it’s her favorite place to be. Emmy’s backyard was becoming unsafe for her to play in, though, with a large tree and uneven patio creating a concern. “There were branches falling all the time, the patio was uneven,” her parents shared. “She does physical therapy, she struggles walking up and down stairs. It was a safety issue.”

Emmy’s one true wish was for a safe backyard oasis to call her own. Our team at Make-A-Wish got to work with the help of our dear friends and partners at Hufnagel Landscape Design and Construction Group, removed the old oak tree and patio, and built a brand new patio with fencing all around, and a picnic table sized perfectly for Emmy and her siblings. When Emmy set foot on her new home away from home, safe in her family’s backyard, her smile said it all – this was indeed a wish come true!

“We were a family that needed something,” her parents continued. “We wouldn’t have been able to do it ourselves. Make-A-Wish has been that for us – angels, helping hands to come and help us in this situation. What we’ve gone through, what we live through with Emmy, it hasn’t been easy. But it’s also made us stronger, because we know that we’ve cried out, and help has been sent.”

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Emmy's wish for a safe backyard