I wish to have a track chair



neuromuscular disorder

Wish kid Lorelai

Lorelai's Track Chair Wish

Lorelai is an energetic and outgoing 3-year-old who absolutely loves to spend time with her friends.

Wish kid Lorelai

Just like other girls her age, Lorelai enjoys playing dress up, picking flowers, and, of course, princesses. Lorelai was born with a neuro muscular disorder, but she never lets that slow her down!  

When Lorelai was thinking about her wish, she had the perfect idea. What better way to play with her friends than with her very own track chair! This track chair allows Lorelai to join her friends on any type of terrain, climb the mountains or race to a sandy beach (and she did!). Lorelai is now enjoying adventuring with her family and friends knowing that nothing can stop her and her new track chair.