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Wish kid Caydence

Caydence's Wish

Caydence is a spunky 8-year-old who loves everything, and anything, doll related.

From Barbies to American Girl Dolls, Caydence lights up when she finds the perfect outfit for her doll to wear or while she searches for new doll accessories. I mean, what 8-year old wouldn’t! 

Caydence’s love for dolls brings her joy even through difficult times. Caydence has a rare autoimmune disorder, where the immune system attacks the body. She never lets that slow her down, though. 

When presented with a wish, it didn’t take Caydence long to settle on a shopping spree where she can get all the outfits, toys, accessories she and her dolls could ever need. Caydence was taken by limo with a full police escort to Target, the first stop on her wish day. There she was greeted by her family, wish granters, Salem High School Key Club members, and the fantastic team at Target with signs, gifts, and balloons. When Caydence entered the store, the Target team gave her and her brother official Target employee name tags. From there, it was off to shopping. Can you guess where Caydence went first? Yep. Directly to the doll aisles. Caydence knew exactly what she wanted because she had spent the week before her shopping spree on the Target website, narrowing down her options. 

Caydence spent the rest of the day eating at her favorite restaurant, Ninety Nine Restaurant, picking the perfect bean bags at Lovesac and Yogibo, and clothes shopping at The Children’s Place. She even found matching outfits for her and her life-sized baby doll. Caydence ended her day by accessorizing it all at Claire’s. 

Caydence filled the limo and other cars (they needed more space to fit everything!) with all her new doll toys, clothes, and so much more. Caydence now has enough doll toys to last forever and all the beautiful memories that came with it!enough doll toys to last forever and all the beautiful memories that came with it!