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Wish kid Malik

Malik Wished to Develop a Video Game

It's a rare day when you get to meet your imaginary friends, but ten-year-old Malik’s wish to create a video game with Flight School Studio brought them to life!  

As Project Director, Malik discovered newfound confidence, breaking out of his typical shyness, and giving clear instructions for how his characters and landscape should look. From whiteboard drawings, and then to computer programs, the creatures and stories within Malik’s mind sprang to life.  

A wish can be life-changing for a child by giving them some aspect of control in their life. From choosing a wish to bringing it to fruition, wishes give kids the rare chance to be in the driver's seat. Malik lives with sickle cell disease and has little control over the medical facets of his life. His confidence flourished when Flight School Studio gave him the opportunity to make decisions and be outspoken about his ideas.  

Make-A-Wish understands the importance of feeling inspired, especially when living with a critical illness. Feeling like your ideas, big or small, matter to others is integral to a child’s sense of self, as was the case for Malik. 

Malik made his inner world real and the end result was so powerful, and so well-done, that it is on its way to being produced by Flight School’s partners. Keep your eyes peeled for one talented wish kid whose ideas will continue to shine! 

Wish kid Malik