I wish to go to the Walt Disney World® Resort for an Imagineer experience




Wish Kid Dylan

Dylan's Wish Brings a Hopeful Future Back into Focus

When asked about his true passion, Dylan's voice fills with joy as he describes visiting his favorite theme park, the Walt Disney World® Resort.

Whether it's fun with friends, the scents of Main Street USA or exhilarating rides, Dylan is transported to "another universe that I don't want to leave." These exact feelings are why he aspires to be a Disney Imagineer – the people who design the theme park's creative aspects.

However, three years ago, Dylan was diagnosed with leukemia. His future suddenly turned bleak. "My diagnosis was a shock to the entire family," Dylan said. 

Dylan endured two years of rigorous treatments, which took a tremendous physical toll. He also could not attend classes during his junior and senior years in high school. "For a growing teenager, those are some of the most important years of your teenage life," Dylan said.

"My wish just gave me this spark of positivity. It made me really hopeful for what is to come."
wish kid
Dylan and Family at Walt Disney World® Resort

A connection with Make-A-Wish® shined a light of hope at a crucial moment. When he realized he qualified for a wish, Dylan instantly knew that he wanted to go to Walt Disney World for an Imagineer experience, given it is his "dream job."

Through the generosity of Disney, Dylan received an exclusive look at a day in the life of an Imagineer. Diego, a current Imagineer, gave him a private tour and shared valuable tips and insight. "We talked about how he came to be an Imagineer, and the steps I should take. It really inspired me," Dylan said. 

Dylan's wish was truly a transformative experience, giving him energy and renewed strength in the fight against his critical illness. "My wish just gave me this spark of positivity," Dylan said. "It made me really hopeful for what is to come."

Now a leukemia survivor, Dylan is more focused than ever on his goal of becoming an Imagineer. Meanwhile, Dylan wants to give back by spreading similar feelings of hope to fellow wish kids. "My wish made me realize how I want to help other wish kids now. Everyone has something to give and Make-A-Wish has inspired me to help change others' lives."

For the past 40 years, Disney and Make-A-Wish have been bringing magic to wish kids and their families when they need it most. Together, we’ve made more than 140,000 wishes come true for children around the world just like Dylan, and we’re just getting started.