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I wish to have a lawnmower




Mason with mom and company rep holding Make-A-Wish sign standing on red lawnmower.

Mason's Mowing Wish

Wish kid Mason is proof that the grass is always greenest where you water it.

17-year-old Mason was diagnosed with cancer in May of 2017. And while high school can be tough for a number of reasons, it’s much harder with cancer looming over head. After grueling treatment, hair loss, cancer spreading to multiple places in his body, and cracking his kneecap in six places, he beat the disease in November of 2019. All the while, Mason kept a smile on his face and positivity in his heart. “He took it like a champ,” says mom, Roxan.

“My cancer treatment not only affected me a lot, but my mom as well,” Mason said. “She was by my side 24/7, so she couldn't work.”

After his treatment, Mason’s family struggled financially, and Mason knew he wanted to help get his family back on their feet. 

“I needed a job,” Mason said. “I was healthy at that point and just wanted to help her out because she helped me. I've been running this business since about August [of] last year, and every day I get more and more fascinated with every aspect of landscaping. Just all the type of grass and the ways you can cut and what you can do with it.”

Mason’s wish to have a standing lawnmower was set to be granted on his 18th birthday. When the day finally came, three generous partners came together to give Mason a brand-new lawnmower and a large trailer to store and transport his equipment. He will proudly place his “Big M’s Lawncare and Landscaping” logo on the side of his new trailer.

Mason wished not only to invest in his future business, but in his future education as well. He hopes to earn enough through his landscaping business to pursue a degree in business agriculture with hopes of making this industry his full-time career.

 “This wish means a lot to me because it will give me such a jump,” Mason said. “I can't even explain how excited I am to try it out. This wish to my family means success. They know that this machine will help my whole business just grow and thrive.”

Now, with his new lawnmower and trailer, Mason is able to expand his business. Just as he worked hard to mow down his cancer, he plans to mow and landscape all the yards he can to support his family.