I wish to have a travel trailer




Carson with travel trailer and family

Carson's Wish to Have a Travel Trailer

Carson decided that she wanted a travel trailer so that she could travel to horse shows and take her dogs and family along with her.

Why are the dogs so important you wonder? Well, Carson got one of her dogs, Bubba, the miniature schnauzer, during her chemotherapy and he has basically become her comfort animal. Carson told her family that she wanted her wish to be a surprise. She didn’t want to know the arrival date or anything else regarding the camper.

The big day had finally arrived! Carson’s Dad, Jason, and her brother, Jennings, went to Holiday World in Katy, TX to meet Misty, Carson’s wish granter. They decorated her travel trailer for the reveal. Carson thought she was meeting her family at the camper store because they were needing to install something on her mom’s car for the camper. She arrived to a surprise that was indescribable. When Carson saw Misty, she was SO excited and kept asking “is this one really mine?” Carson and her family have plans to visit family members in North and South Carolina and the best part is that they get to travel with the dogs!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making her wish come true. We look forward to many shared adventures and memories made on Carson’s travel trailer!
Carson's mom
Carson with family
Carson inside camper