I wish to design my own car at the Hot Wheels factory



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Wish kid Bennett

Designing the Perfect Hot Rod

Wish kid Bennett

Bennett is just like any other 7 year old boy. He loves eating hot dogs, playing tag with his friends, and swimming during the hot summer months. More than anything else he loves playing with cars, a bond he shares with his father. Bennett’s Hot Wheels cars have been with him through thick and thin, and kept him preoccupied on some of his toughest days when his brain cancer had him feeling down.  

When Bennett found out that he would receive a wish he didn't even hesitate with naming what he wanted to do; visit the Mattel Hot Wheels factory in Los Angeles and design his very own perfect hot rod. Bennett could not contain his excitement leading up to the trip. Up until the day he left for California he was exclaiming to every person he knew that he wish was soon to come true.  

Bennett’s adventure was kicked off with a limo ride to the factory where he prepared for his big day by drinking all the root beer the limo had to offer. Once at the factory, Bennet was able to meet the team that designs his favorite toys, and race cars against the experts. Finally, the day culminated with Bennett designing his own custom car- a purple lamborghini! Bennett’s mom Brandelyn described the extraordinary day, saying “It was the most memorable and amazing experience he will ever have! We are so grateful for the experience.”

He truly had the BEST trip. We can’t thank you enough for giving our son the most illuminating trip of his life.
Bennett's mom