I wish to have a handicap accessible golf cart to haul organic vegetables for my community



seizure disorder

Wish kid Micah

Micah's wish helps carry on a family tradition

On any given day you'll find Micah working with his dad, his “best friend.” The father-son duo share a special bond and tend to the crops together on the family's farm.

Micah is passionate about growing organic vegetables for his community. But, a life-threatening seizure disorder made it difficult for Micah to work the fields with his dad. “Due to Micah's disability, he's often unable to help his dad with specific activities around the farm," reflected Micah’s mom. "Micah wished for a golf cart so he could help carry things to the barn or bring the vegetables down to the market."  

Make-A-Wish Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana granted Micah's wish for a customized handicap accessible golf cart equipped with a windshield, seat belts and speed controls to help him carry on the family farming tradition. His wish helped him regain his independence and empowered him to continue doing what he loves— working alongside his dad on the family farm.  

Micah's face lights up with joy every time he gets on his golf cart to do his very important farm job and the entire community benefits from his hard work! 

Wish kid Micah
Wish kid Micah