I wish to have a camper




Wish kid James

James' camper wish restored his sense of childhood

When 8-year-old James was diagnosed with leukemia, it felt like the world stopped. 

"It was just horrible. It felt like we lost everything," reflected James' dad. "Chemo is a horrible thing to go through, so I always felt like we were not able to let him live his life."

After a long battle with the disease, James successfully finished chemotherapy and was surprised the same week with his wish coming true! He loves camping and fishing, so it came as no surprise to those who knew him best that his wish was for a camper. "He'll fish all day long!" said his dad. "Even if the fish aren't biting!" 

James was all smiles as local first responders and firetrucks escorted his new camper onto his property. James' wish gave him hope today so he can look forward to tomorrow, and that's exactly what he's doing. He and his brothers slept in the camper overnight and are already planning many future camping trips together!