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severe autoimmune disorder

Wish kid Hannah

Hannah's wish inspired her to purse her dream of becoming a doctor

No parent can ever be prepared to receive the devastating news that their child has a critical illness. Wish mom Karen is one of them. 

One moment, wish mom Karen was contemplating where she and her 11-year-old daughter Hannah would go for ice cream. The next, Hannah collapsed in the pediatrician’s office during a routine appointment. Hannah was later diagnosed with a debilitating cardiac condition and a severe autoimmune disorder. 

“Hannah was a perfectly happy, healthy little girl,” shared Karen. “It was instant just like that. She never walked out of the office that day and she's never been the same since.” 

Hannah’s condition can be triggered by almost anything which means she can rarely leave home and can’t go to school. Despite her education setbacks, Hannah still dreamed of being a pediatric emergency medicine physician. She knew she wanted to attend UCF Medical School since the 5th grade. Make-A-Wish Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana brought Hannah’s wish to life. Hannah was welcomed onto the UCF campus by cheerleaders, got to sit in on classes, went through the iconic white lab coat ceremony, and even practiced medicine on a real patient. 

Hannah’s wish inspired her to continue pursuing her dream. Since returning from Florida, she has enrolled in college pre-med classes online. 

“Next to having my two children, that experience was the happiest day of my life because it was the happiest day of Hannah's."
Hannah's Mom