I wish to have a party



heart condition


At a young age, Dulce was diagnosed with a heart condition. She spent a lot of time in and out of the hospital, enduring tests and treatments. During her recovery time, Dulce turned to the strength of her favorite Disney princesses for inspiration, Anna and Elsa from Frozen.

When approached by Make-A-Wish, Dulce thought long and hard about what she would wish for. She decided that she wanted to have a party and feel like a princess, just like her role models. 

On the day of her wish, she arrived at her special party in a beautiful ice blue party dress and crown. She was able to spend the evening with her family, friends and a few special guests.

Together, they were able to dance, play games and enjoy a delicious cake.

Dulce’s wish gave her and her family memories that will last a lifetime,  along with inspiration, hope, and strength for the future.