I wish to be a Southwest airline mechanic



hypoplastic left heart syndrome


Randy is an adventurous child who enjoys playing baseball in his backyard and eating pizza. His joyful smile and upbeat attitude make those around him smile.

At birth, Randy was diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome which affects normal blood flow through the heart. His everyday life may not be the same as any other 5-year-old child, but Randy’s positive spirit never wavered. Randy always made a connection to anything around him that had a heart because he knows that he has a special heart. He saw Southwest’s heart on the airplane and said, “Mom there’s a heart, just like my heart!” After he made this connection, he shared his most heartfelt wish of being a Southwest airline mechanic. He always watches the gates at the terminal and sees the mechanics servicing planes and vehicles, something that peaks his interest.

In April of 2019, his wish came true! Randy and his family were picked up in a limousine and taken to the airport. Upon arrival, he was a given a personalized locker and uniform with his name on it! Randy got to start the engine of the plane, assist with checking the tire pressure, and fixing the seat belts!

This was a pure moment of joy for Randy to be able to experience what it is like being a Southwest airline mechanic. Randy’s wish trip was an experience full of memories that he and his family will cherish forever!