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I wish to have a shopping adventure



acute lymphoblastic leukemia


Noah is a typical four-year-old boy who loves playing with toys, cars, watching Disney movies and eating chocolate frozen yogurt. He also loves spending time outdoors riding in his wagon while soaking up the sun and feeling the fresh air brush upon his cheeks. One morning, those wagon rides came to a halt when Noah was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. His days spent outside under the blue skies quickly turned into days enveloped in the white walls of the hospital. His parent’s hearts shattered like a glass that had fallen off a 100-foot balcony - unable to sustain the impact this diagnosis had just made on their family.

As the family started to piece the glass back together, a worldwide health crisis took over the news, meaning that hospital stays, doctor’s visits and treatments would present additional stressors for Noah and his family. Increasing health worries brought new feelings of isolation and vulnerability, adding to their heartbreak.

Noah’s parents felt at a loss and were overcome with fear, sadness and anxiety as they continued to search for a light of hope throughout this time of crisis – and beyond. That feeling was soon replaced with confidence, joy and hope when they received news that Noah was eligible for a wish from Make-A-Wish – the glue they needed to piece the glass back together. Noah’s most heartfelt wish was to have a shopping adventure which the Make-A-Wish team rapidly executed as a virtual shopping adventure to ensure that Noah remained safe and did not have to wait one unnecessary day to experience the hope and joy that a wish brings.

On the day of his wish, Noah had an electrifying smile that sent out a shockwave of happiness to all of those around him. Our staff, volunteers, friends and family made the experience an unforgettable one by hosting a car parade outside of Noah’s house with wish signs and plenty of words of encouragement. As Noah received his presents with the enormous support group around him, his eyes lit up like a Christmas tree.

The glass that had been shattered from hearing the heart-breaking news was restored, and the family was able to take a refreshing sip of renewed hope, joy, and strength, allowing them to lift the bubble they had been confined to for so long.