I wish to be a tractor driver



brain tumor


It’s the simple things in life that make all the difference...

...and for Gregory, his small toy tractors are his most prized possession.

This sweet and playful 5-year-old boy has loved playing with his toy tractors since he can remember. “His little face lights up with a smile when he talks about tractors,” says his mother, Celia, “he tells me he wants to be a tractor driver when he’s older, and I have hope that day will come for him.”

In 2014, Gregory was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which has caused him to lose most of his vision and is making it more difficult for him to walk. But this brave 5-year-old boy has continued to fight with a heart full of faith! “He always tells us he has cancer, but he also reminds us he is in God’s hands and when we see him laughing and smiling we know he is,” says his mother. When Make-A-Wish volunteers asked him what his most heartfelt wish would be, without hesitation he exclaimed he wanted to be a tractor driver! He wanted to ride a big tractor on a farm, like the ones he had seen on television. Gregory also wanted to ride a tractor because he wanted to be just like his dad (though his dad drives a truck not a tractor) whom is his biggest hero!  

On the day of his wish, Gregory and his family made their way to a real farm! He was head-to-toe ready in farmer attire with denim overalls and a straw farmer’s hat. The owners at The Original Manassero Farms welcomed him and his family with lots of fresh farm foods and snacks to make sure he was energized for the day ahead.

Finally, the moment had come and Gregory hopped onto the big tractor without an ounce of fear. Once he was seated on it, his contagious smile never left his face. He couldn’t stop laughing and smiling as he sat upon the tractor he had always dreamed of driving! With the help of the farmers, he drove throughout the fields of the farm, looking so tiny on such a big tractor. His parents were so thrilled to see how excited Gregory was to finally ride a real life tractor.

After his fun-filled ride, he and his family got to see the strawberries growing on the farm. They helped the farmers pick out some sweet ones, and even got a whole basket to take home with them. Then Gregory got another surprise - he was presented with an electric toy tractor of his own! Now he can live out his wish everyday as he practices for his future dreams of being a tractor driver.

“I’m so happy to see my son smiling so much despite all that he is facing,” says his father Gregorio, “a wish like this was a dream come true for our entire family.”