I wish to meet Kobe Bryant



sickle cell disease


Julian's Wish Party took place at his favorite restaurant, Denny's, two days before his wish.  He arrived with his mom, dad, sister, and brother.  His aunt and uncle also attended.  He ordered two breakfasts because everything sounded so tasty.  While he was waiting for his food to arrive, his wish granters surprised him with a backpack full of goodies.  He was grinning from ear to ear each time he reached into the backpack to discover another Lakers or Kobe Bryant souvenir.  There was a water bottle, stickers, a poster, shirts, and hats, among other things.  He was so very appreciative of each item.  After the meal, Julian heard all about the details of his upcoming wish adventure.  He was too full for dessert, so he took home some special cupcakes that were decorated in Laker colors with basketballs on them.

On wish day, Julian, along with his mom, dad, sister, and brother, were picked up in a black limousine.  They were taken to the Staples Center in Los Angeles to see a Lakers game.  While at the game, Julian ate the biggest pretzel he had ever seen and got to buy souvenirs like a basketball and backpack.  The game went into triple overtime, which just made Julian's anticipation to meet Kobe even greater.  Julian got to meet Kobe right after the game, and he describes him as "really nice" and he "signed a lot of stuff".  Some of the questions that Julian asked Kobe included:

How old were you when you started playing basketball? - 2 years old

What was the greatest championship you have played in? - High school championship

What will you do after you retire from basketball - Kobe has a advertising company

Julian's favorite part of his wish was taking pictures with Kobe.  Julian says "THANK YOU!!!" to Make-A-Wish.