I wish to have a craft and game room



epilepsy/cystic fibrosis


Cody's Wish - by Ann, volunteer wish granter

Being a volunteer wish granter for Make-A-Wish is truly a humbling experience, especially when you meet children like Cody. This 17-year-old from 29 Palms is living with a variety of medical conditions, including cystic fibrosis and epilepsy – yet his health never gets him down.

When we initially met with Cody, we learned of his past – how he was once homeless and is now currently living with his grandparents. With his past experiences comes a heart filled with philanthropy and compassion. This teen has spent countless hours making scarves, blankets and care packages for the homeless and other patients in the hospital.

During his wish interview, we asked him what he wanted most. Cody told us he wished to have a game and craft room- a space where he could hang out with his cousins and continue working on his ‘give-back’ projects.

When July 16 rolled around, it was a memorable day for all. Along with Cody’s family and friends, we endured the sweltering desert heat as we transformed his garage into “Cody’s Game and Craft World.” We worked together to assemble new furniture, hang artwork, connect a gaming set and organize a crafting area with a brand new sewing machine!

When it was time to reveal his new space, Cody walked up to his garage while friends and family cheered him on. Once he saw his new game and craft room, he was immediately overcome with emotion.

Cody was overwhelmed with pure joy and I speak for all the volunteers when I say that it was truly an emotional experience for all of us as we watched his wish come true.

He exclaimed that he could not wait to use his brand new equipment and space to continue to help others. Cody’s family has been through so much, and their unwavering passion and perseverance is so inspiring. We are truly touched to have been a part of this experience.