Internship Postings




 Tentative Start   

Tentative End    

 Fall Semester 

 First week of August 


 First week of September 

 Week before Christmas 

Spring Semester  

 Last week of November 


 Second week of January 

 Second week of May 

Summer Semester   

 Last week of May 


 First week of June 

 Second week of August 


Development Intern

Events - Support the development team in fundraising initiatives and special events. Looking for a creative individual who can write wish stories, help with details of donor recognition program and support all areas within the organization. During this internship, you will also be involved in planning internal events and coordinating external events (This specific internship position may not be available every semester).  

Donor Communications and Stewardship - This Intern will gain first-hand exposure to the operations of a high-performing fundraising team and will be responsible for capturing outstanding stories about our wish families and mission to further engage our donors. The position is strongly focused on writing projects to be used for stewardship of our major donors, creating content for website, corporate collateral, social media, and grants (This specific internship position may not be available every semester).  

Marketing / Communications Intern

Communications, Marketing, PR & Social Media - Assists the Communications Team with marketing & communications efforts in all regions. Intern tasks include but are not limited to: writing press releases & wish stories, creating promotional materials for brand awareness, specific events and donor appreciation, developing content needed for website and social media, capturing media coverage for all regions, assisting with data tracking and creating newsletter. It is preferred this candidate is fluent with Adobe Photoshop as well as all Microsoft programs (This specific internship position may not be available every semester).  

Graphic Design Intern

Graphic Design - Provide creative design solutions and work hand-in-hand with graphic designer on projects extending across print collateral, video, online, advertising, social media, event-related materials, presentations, email and more. Candidate with video editing skills preferred. Required skills: Must be fluent in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign & Adobe Premier (This specific internship position may not be available every semester).  


 Finance Intern

Finance Support - Assist the Finance team with essential accounting and finance functions. Duties will include supporting the implementation of accounting principles, practices and procedures. Specific tasks may include accounts receivable (e.g., preparing cash receipts and deposits), accounts payable activities (e.g., entering vouchers, filing paid invoices), sending out acknowledgements, creating journal entries, assisting with reconciliations, generating financial statements (e.g., data entry and data verification), and other duties as assigned. Also, support strategic cost savings initiatives, track risks & opportunities to plan, and deliver ad hoc financial analysis for customized data and reports in a knowledgeable and flexible manner to aid in business decisions, and work on financial modeling improvements in the planning and forecasting models to enhance process efficiency, support new initiatives and to accurately capture the changing economics or structure of the business (This specific internship position may not be available every semester).  

Information Technology Interns

Technical Writer - Prepare instruction manuals and other supporting documents to communicate complex and technical information more easily. Also, develop, gather, and disseminate technical information among customers, designers, and manufacturers (This specific internship position may not be available every semester).  

Information Systems - Assist in needs analysis for projects; in research for solutions for needs. Assist in data analysis and the maintenance and performance tuning of application databases. Create and publish interactive reports (This specific internship position may not be available every semester).  


Medical Outreach Intern 

Marketing/Design - Assist the Director of Medical Outreach with medical outreach in all regions. The intern will assist the outreach team with research, referral recognition, data entry and assist with taking referrals. The intern will have opportunities to assist with outreach events, some are on weekends/evenings. The intern will also have the opportunity to work with the program team to support the wish process for our wish families (This specific internship position may not be available every semester).  


Mission Integration Intern

Program Support - Assist the Director of Mission Integration with various tasks associated with wish kid involvement. Projects include reviewing and entering data from wish family surveys, selecting and saving photos from wish experiences, conducting interviews with wish families and writing wish stories. There will be some data entry, organizing around office and other administrative tasks involved as well. The intern will have an opportunity to help support a variety of departments and have some direct interaction with families through phone, email and in person (This specific internship position may not be available every semester).  


Office Operations Intern  

Office Support - Assists the Office Manager with daily tasks and projects that affect all North Texas regions. Helps with writing formal procedures, presenting training opportunities, and organizing chapter wide tools. The intern will have the opportunity to assist in property management with office moves, finding cost saving measures, and renewing leases. In addition, there will be opportunities to enhance donor/volunteer relations and work on small projects for other departments.  



Program Interns

Wish Granting - Assist the program team by working with the wish families to help plan their wishes, assist in paperwork, answer the phones, and be one of the first initial contacts a wish family has with the Foundation. Plan wish itineraries, work with companies to enhance wishes, and helping all aspects of the wish process to run smoothly. 


Analytics/Research/Process - Opportunity to apply business skills within a non-profit organization. Will learn aspects of annual planning, budgeting, wish reconciliation, compliance, and database management. Experience with Excel and standard business processes is a plus (This specific internship position may not be available every semester). 


Volunteer Services Intern

Placement & Program Support - Assists the department with daily tasks such as processing wish assignments, posting to website, communications to volunteers, database tracking, mentor matching, etc. Assists the department with operational tasks and database management related to recruitment, on-boarding, retention, and recognition of volunteers for all regions. Helps with execution of large group projects and attends community events. 


Intern Needs by Office Per Semester

Amarillo Office 

  • Development Intern  
  • Program Intern  

El Paso Office  

  • Development Intern  
  • Program Intern  
  • Program Operations Intern  
  • Volunteer Services Interns (2 slots)  

Fort Worth Office  

  • Development Intern  
  • Program Intern  
  • Program Operations Intern  

Addison Office  

  • Administration Intern  
  • Communications Intern  
  • Development Intern (4 slots)  
  • Donor Care and Stewardship Intern  
  • Graphic Design Intern  
  • Medical Outreach/Mission Integration Intern  
  • Program Interns (4 slots)  
  • Program Operations Intern (2 slots)  
  • Information Technology Interns (2 slots)  
  • Volunteer Services Intern (2 slots)   

Lubbock Office  

  • Development Intern  
  • Program Intern  

Midland Office  

  • Development Intern  
  • Program Intern