I wish to have a wheelchair accessible door



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Noah and Mom

Noah’s wish gives him access to the outdoors

For many of us, opening a door and stepping onto a deck to enjoy a warm summer day is something we do without effort. But for wish kid Noah, who suffers from a neurological condition, this is especially challenging.

Noah has always wanted to spend time with his family out on their deck, but unfortunately, his wheelchair prevented him from doing just that. Noah's one true wish was to have a wheelchair accessible door from his bedroom to the deck.

In late 2016, Abe Savage heard about Noah’s wish from a Facebook post. As a contractor, Abe knew he had the skills to make this wish a reality, and jumped at the chance to help.

“For me to have all these people, and this community, come around and help like this, it’s just unbelievable. I don’t even have words.”
Noah's Mom

Abe mobilized a community of skilled construction workers and volunteers who set out to help make Noah’s wish come true. He worked with Noah’s mom, Stacy, and Make-A-Wish® Minnesota for several months, going over blue prints and plans to make Noah’s wish everything he had hoped for. This summer, Noah’s wish day arrived. Dozens of volunteers joined Abe, spending a week putting their plan into action.

Noah and Stacy were overjoyed when Abe unveiled the transformation of Noah’s room, now drenched in sunlight from French doors that opened to his own backyard. Stacy was nearly brought to tears as she wheeled Noah down the new ramp to his deck for the very first time.

Noah's wish gave him more than just a door. It gave him greater mobility, independence and confidence. Now that he can easily access his deck, Noah can enjoy watching his mom play fetch with their dogs in the yard, seeing the nearby trains go by, and other great new experiences.

“For me to have all these people, and this community, come around and help like this, it’s just unbelievable,” Stacy said. “I don’t even have words.”

For Abe, this construction project was unlike any other and it was a life-changing experience that he will never forget. “Noah will have a piece of me and my heart forever,” Abe said.