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I wish to have a backyard playset




Jeffy and his siblings

Jeffy’s wish brought happiness in the midst of the storm

Jeffy’s young life has been filled with hospital stays and doctors’ appointments.

At just 3½ months old, Jeffy was diagnosed with leukemia. Jeffy’s mom, Meg, describes the night he was diagnosed.

When I picked up Jeffy at daycare, I took one look and I knew something was wrong. I called our pediatrician and they thought maybe it was an ear infection but my heart said it wasn’t an ear infection. I decided to get him to the doctor right away,” Meg said. “We went to acute care, then took an ambulance ride to the ER, and then another ambulance ride 60 miles away where we were told he had leukemia. It was the worst night of my life.”

Jeffy’s diagnosis resulted in a nine-month stay at the hospital for treatment. “He was discharged on his first birthday and continued at-home chemotherapy for another 14 months,” Meg said. “We needed to keep him away from germs while his immunity was weakened. And now with COVID, he is still pretty restricted with his outings.”

The last few years have had some very dark moments and Make-A-Wish made it feel like life is good!
Meg, Jeffy's mom

“The night the playset was finished and the kids got to play, it brought tears to my eyes...our kids were the happiest we have heard or seen them in years...the laughter, screams, giggles, and oooohs and aahhhhs would melt anyone’s heart,” Meg said.

Jeffy’s wish gives his family a chance to create new memories in the comfort and safety of their own backyard. “We are so grateful for Make-A-Wish. The last few years have had some very dark moments and Make-A-Wish made it feel like life is good,” Meg said. “We kind of forgot about the sickness. When we are in the backyard, we feel like we enter this fun land of no worries!”

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