I wish to go to Hawaii




Wish kid De'Roi

De’Roi’s wish gives him strength to keep fighting

After 16-year-old De’Roi began experiencing headaches and nosebleeds, his family took him to the doctor to pinpoint the cause of his symptoms.

After a series of tests, a large mass was found in De'Roi's nasal passage. His parents soon received the news no parent wants to hear - the baseball sized mass was a rare form of cancer. Treatment began immediately. 

De’Roi spent that summer in the hospital, missing the sun and the opportunity to be with his loved ones.  He spent his time during treatment imagining time in the sun with family.  As he recovered, he looked forward to a wish to go to Hawaii.  The excitement of anticipation gave him the strength to continue treatment.  “He was in such good spirits, you could not even tell that he was battling cancer and going through treatment,” his mom says.

“De’Roi’s wish helped us remember what is important and gave us strength to keep fighting.”
De'Roi's parents

De’Roi’s wish to go to Hawaii provided precious time with his family that he had missed during his hospital stays.  During his wish, De’Roi and his family were able to enjoy the ocean, climb volcanoes, go ziplining and ride in a submarine.

“My favorite memory of De’Roi’s wish was when we first arrived in Hawaii.  The smile on his face was priceless,” his parents said. “De’Roi’s wish helped us remember what is important and gave us strength to keep fighting.”

De’Roi is now using his wish to continue his battle against his illness.  He hopes to become a doctor someday so he can help people that went through similar experiences to his own.