I wish to be a soldier in the Army




Wish kid Daniel

Daniel’s wish gives him hope for the future

Daniel has been dreaming of becoming a soldier when he grows up, but his dream of serving his country was put on hold when he was diagnosed with leukemia.

For the past year, fear has consumed Daniel's life and worry has been his constant companion. He has spent days in the hospital and has endured numerous chemotherapy treatments. Filled with uncertainties, Daniel was unsure what his future would bring.

Wanting to join the Army since he was five years old, Daniel was now face to face with the idea that he may never be eligible to join the military.

"It was a big change, I never thought I'd be diagnosed with something this harsh."

But this past summer, with the help of Make-A-Wish Minnesota, he got to live out his dream when his wish to be a soldier came true.

Daniel and his family traveled to Fort Bragg in North Carolina, the largest military base in the United States. He was thrilled to have the first-hand experience of life as a soldier.

Wearing his Army combat uniform, Daniel proudly faced drill sergeants to get a taste of basic training. He also had an honorary re-enlistment ceremony and learned how to use an Apache flight simulator. His wish day was everything he had hoped for and more - an experience he will never forget.

Daniel is determined to win his fight against leukemia. When he completes his treatments in a few years he plans to join the military, if he's able to. Joining the Army is a dream he will not give up.