I wish to have a room redo



end-stage kidney disease

A young child with curly dark hair runs happily down a sidewalk. The child is wearing a royal blue Make-A-Wish t-shirt over a black long-sleeve shirt, black pants and white tennis shoes.

Davonte's room redo provides a place of respite

Davonte is a 4-year-old boy from Detroit, who adores playing with cars and trucks. While waiting for a kidney transplant, Davonte goes to Children’s Hospital of Michigan three times a week for dialysis. When it came time to decide on his wish, Davonte wished for a room redo featuring his favorite colors along with cars and trucks.

An adult with dark hair pulled into a bun holds a child with dark curly hair in front of a light blue pickup truck. Both are wearing royal blue Make-A-Wish t-shirts.

"[Davonte is] one of our dialysis patients, so we have spent a lot of time with him over the past several years,” said Meghan Zechmeister, a clinical transplant social worker at Children’s Hospital of Michigan. “From the time his volunteers reached out, getting to brainstorm ideas with him all the things he could do for his wish was awesome. It gave them something to look forward to. To be able to focus on something that isn’t their treatment for a little bit makes such a big difference.”

During this pandemic, Davonte’s home has become his safe space, and the family only leaves their house to go to medical appointments. His renovated bedroom will provide a wonderful respite where he can safely rest and play with his family for years to come.

A wall in a bedroom painted navy blue and patterned with small orange cars and trucks. In front of the wall is a navy blue dresser accented with silver metal circles. On the top of the dresser is a blue and white lamp, a white mirror, and two plastic toy trucks. Other bins of toys and books can be seen on the floor nearby.
A set of gray bunk beds made up with knitted gray blankets and pillows. There are also several white and orange accent pillows, a stuffed gorilla, and a stuffed bear. Next to the beds sits a navy blue end table accented with round silver studs.
Davonte's car- and truck-themed room after the redo was finished.

More than 850 Michigan wish kids with critical illnesses are waiting for their wish. A gift today will give them hope for tomorrow.