I wish to have a laptop



life-threatening blood disorder

Matthew sits proudly in his new gaming chair in front of his new computer in his bedroom.

Matthew's Wish: Designing for the Future

Matthew loves technology. He enjoys playing video games with his little brother, and he also dreams of a career in graphic design one day.

For this 12-year-old from Providence, diagnosed with a life-threatening blood disorder shortly after he was born, electronics are a way to mentally escape from the uncomfortable procedures he so often endures at the hospital. 

Thinking about his current and future goals, Matthew wished for a new laptop! On his wish day, Make-A-Wish volunteers and a tech support consultant gather at his house to set up his new computer. As each piece of equipment is installed, Matthew’s excitement grows. His state-of-the-art laptop, custom built to his specifications, will be the perfect portable companion during hospital stays. And, a new curved desktop monitor coupled with a supportive chair serve as a comfortable setup for online gaming at home.

Matthew’s father, Dan, says “This was Early Christmas, courtesy of Make-A-Wish. As the date for his next medical procedure draws close, Matthew is happy and technologically well-equipped for the hospitalization.”

Matthew’s new electronics not only offer him an entertaining distraction from his treatments -- they also allow him to explore his artistic passion more deeply. He doodles illustrations and wants to become a master animator, and even aspires to attend Rhode Island School of Design for college! Matthew’s wish will help him sharpen his graphic design skills and keep him feeling inspired to continue pursuing his goals.

“Thanks to Make-A-Wish for the humble work and continued effort to support kids going through challenges in life,” says Dan. “The mere recognition is uplifting and reassuring that beyond one’s own family, there are others reaching out to help children and families.” 

"Thanks to Make-A-Wish for the humble work and continued effort to support kids going through challenges in life."
Matthew's dad