I wish to have a backyard playset



life-threatening lung disease

Dominik plays on his wooden playset in his backyard.

Backyard Adventures for Dominik

Early in April, Dominik's backyard became full of new fun: his wish for a playset was granted! Now, in addition to playing on it whenever he can, the seven-year-old has a special daily ritual: pushing a stool to the kitchen window to peer out and check on his playset.

Dominik, who has a life-threatening lung disease, spent much of his earlier childhood navigating life with a tracheostomy tube, which was removed when he was five. This makes his feelings of freedom even sweeter as he swings, slides, and climbs his way to adventure in his backyard. "Dominik is enjoying every moment on his playset!" say his parents, Andy and Gosia.

Dominik's parents describe him as "smiley and kind, a very smart guy" and explain that he wants to be a doctor. "He is truly a fighter, very strong...and we are doing everything we can to help him grow and thrive and be a wonderful person." 

"He has liked swings and slides since we can remember. He first had an indoor set, and when he started having less medical equipment, we began taking him to outdoor playgrounds. He was so excited waiting for his playset to be delivered!"

Ruth, a member of Dominik's Make-A-Wish volunteer team, brought gifts to his porch the evening before the playset was installed, and at a safe distance, she and his family exchanged excited hellos as she delivered these magic touches for Dominik's wish day. "Seeing and feeling the appreciation of wish families, it's one of the best parts of volunteering,” says Ruth. “A wish provides children and their families with an oasis -- an experience to enjoy and something to celebrate."

A colorful thank you drawing by Dominik with hearts and a message that says, "Thank you Make-A-Wish"

Dominik's playset is helping him in many ways, from building physical strength to broadening his imagination and confidence. Andy and Gosia observe, "He is using the 'big boy chair swing' without any prompting. Last year at the local playground, he didn't even want to sit on it. Now he's swinging like a pro!" And, Dominik has promised his friends they can come over to share his playset as soon as it is safe for visits.

"We would like to say a big thank you for people with big hearts like your supporters! We hope this mission never stops."

"Seeing and feeling the appreciation of wish families, it's one of the best parts of volunteering."
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