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I wish to be a soldier



cardiac condition

Wish child Miguel in his Army uniform

Miguel's wish to be a soldier

Miguel likes helping people. A sweet and caring 8-year-old, Miguel has lived with a cardiac condition his whole life. While on the outside he appears fine, he bears the scars of past surgeries and can get tired easily.

Still, Miguel is drawn to action and physical activities. He also has an active imagination and likes to combine his interests by drawing soldiers and battle scenes and staging his own skirmishes with army toys.

When meeting with Make-A-Wish volunteers, Miguel was very clear about his wish to be an army soldier. With help from the team at Fort McCoy in central Wisconsin and the Wisconsin National Guard, Miguel’s wish came true in an unforgettable day.

Starting with the gift of a full uniform, Miguel and his family enjoyed a tour of the base. At every stop, base personnel welcomed him, inviting him to try their equipment including night vision goggles. He also led some soldiers in drill commands, communicated with helicopter pilots from the air traffic tower and sampled the MREs soldiers eat while on military operations. He enjoyed climbing on tanks, sitting in the helicopter and riding around in a base patrol vehicle.

His day was filled with smiles, support from the military community and all his favorite things. He received several thoughtful gifts throughout the day from the people he met, which will help him remember not only this special day, but the genuine support of those he admires.

Seeing his happiness and joy meant so much. A wish can show kids that something they thought they could never achieve is within reach and that they can achieve their dreams.
wish parent

“One of the most rewarding things about flying is sharing the magic of aviation with others.” Black Hawk pilot Capt. Nickolas Sinopoli said to the base news service. “Making Miguel’s wish happen was one of the most gratifying moments of my flying career. The smile on his face make it all worth it.”