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I wish to have a beach vacation



nervous system disorder

Wish child Yahir smiles on the beach

A joyful beach week restores hope

Yahir has struggled with serious health issues for most of his ten years. In fact, a frightening medical crisis landed him in the hospital during this time last year.

More recently, his mother Ana could see her son losing his strength and his beautiful smile.

Yahir’s doctor referred him to Make-A-Wish, igniting a spark of encouragement at a time when he needed it most. Beginning his wish journey during a long hospital stay allowed him to discover an experience that would be most impactful for him, and his wish to go to the beach was granted just as his health began further declining.

Yahir needed hope to power him through.

Yahir’s wish journey was a highlight of a very difficult year. Make-A-Wish arranged for a private lake side suite in beautiful Door County, Wisconsin where Yahir and his family could spend a restorative week at the beach.

As soon as we got there, he had a smile on his face. We walked onto the balcony and he saw the lake and it was such a precious moment. His face lit up and he was smiling.
Yahir's Mom

During his wish, Ana saw Yahir getting stronger and more energetic. As they watched the water or sat in the sunshine, she could see the profound good this experience was having for him and for their family.

“Before the trip, he was feeling very down and weak,” Ana said. “During the trip and for a few weeks after he was sitting up on his own and his vitals were stable.”

“Seeing how he got stronger gave us hope that anything is possible.”

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