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I wish to have a swimming pool



endocrine disorder

Wish kid Julian in swimming pool

Swimming for the Stars

Swimming for the Stars

Have you ever met a young boy who doesn’t LOVE to play outside? This energetic, five-year-old is no different. Julian’s favorite outdoor activities include frolicking around on the playground, in the sandbox, and of course, swimming.

Julian’s wish for a swimming pool in his backyard restored him and his family’s hope and strength to keep on fighting.

Two months after he was born, Julian was diagnosed with a rare endocrine disorder. He has lived five, spirited years though, and will continue surprising his family and friends every day with his unmatched enthusiasm.

Julian loves to stay active indoors as well, sharing his common likes with other boys his age. Playing with his trucks, LEGOs, and watching the Avengers are some of his most beloved past-times. Julian’s excitement when thinking about his ultimate backyard prompted him to choose his pool wish, renewing him with pure optimism.

After years of uncertainty and treatments, this wish did not only aid in his emotional well being, but his physical strength as well. Currently, Julian is a fearless water bug, swimming for hours on end and always looking ahead for a new and lively adventure!

When something like this happens it’s very humbling and … it’s amazing that there are people out there that care, that we don’t even know, and support him.
Julian's Dad