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Wish kid Nyla

Unconditional Puppy Love

Affectionately known as “Ny-Ny,” eight-year old Nyla has been battling a life-long blood disorder. But she doesn’t allow her spunky, outgoing personality to ever be overshadowed by her illness. 

While Nyla enjoys feeding her pet fish, this L.O.L. dolls and potato chip-loving girl longed for a furry friend she could snuggle up with – a small hypo-allergenic dog she could love and that would offer up unconditional puppy love in return. 

So, it came as no surprise that when asked about her one true wish, Nyla enthusiastically replied, “My wish is to have a puppy!” And upon finding out that her wish was coming true Nyla could be heard excitedly screaming “PUPPY!” 

The day her Morkie Poo (a cross between a Maltese, Yorkie and Poodle) Charlie arrived was a joy-filled day for Nyla and her mom. “Our first night was great, she’s such a friendly puppy. Nyla is just loving her. They are like besties already. She really is the perfect addition to our family!” shared Nyla’s mom.

We are so elated to have Charlie as a new member of our family. She really is the sweetest. 
Nyla's Mom