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I wish to have a playscape



neuromuscular disorder

Jariel with family in front of new swing set

 Magical Playscape Adventure

Although you wouldn’t know it from his vibrant and tireless charisma, Jariel has been battling a neuromuscular disorder for almost half his lifetime.

This six-year-old LOVES staying active though. Jariel does not let his disorder define him, and he continues to impress his family with his massive amounts of energy and willingness to play, play, play! This lively little boy even has a prized shed full of bicycles, scooters and toy cars which keep him busy and entertained all day long.

As the degenerative nature of his condition causes physical decline over time, Jariel needs to keep his core muscles strong and mobile. His three older brothers aid in the round-the-clock playtime as well, and their relationship has deepened even further since Jariel’s wish was granted.

When Jariel wished for his backyard to be transformed into a playscape adventure, his parents’ faces lit up, as they knew this wish was going to give all of them a better quality of life. The playscape swing-set also includes handicap accessible elements so that Jariel can enjoy his wish well into the future.

Jariel’s wish provided him and his family with a sense of hope and overall optimism. Although his illness does progress fast, Jariel’s own backyard playscape adventure will contribute to his genuine happiness and physical well-being, giving him countless hours of fun-filled days ahead!

“He is on the playscape from the time he wakes up until the time he goes to bed... And if we let him, he would eat dinner out there too!”
Jariel's Mom