I wish to have a bedroom makeover




Wish kid Colton

A Special Place of His Own

His adorable obsession with all type of cars is what led wish kid Colton’s car-themed wish for the bedroom makeover of his dreams to come true. 

A year ago, three-year old Colton was diagnosed with a rare cancer that resulted in the surgical removal of his right eye. From his hospital room at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, Colton can hear the cars buzzing on the streets below, which excites and distracts him from his treatments. The hardship of being away from home takes a toll on both Colton and his family. They always look forward to coming home and couldn’t wait to create a special place for Colton to come home to– a happy place that he could call his own where his infatuation with cars could become a daily reality. 

The look of awe and joy on this precious boy’s face was contagious when he was surprised with his new bedroom makeover. He couldn’t stop smiling as he excitedly examined his car-themed bedroom, chock-full of all types of cars, including some of the characters from his favorite movie Cars. Colton’s favorite spot in his room is sitting on his bed, under a wall stencil of a red monster truck that bears his name, playing with the new 2005 Ford Mustang toy car - a favorite gift to add to his prized collection. 

Colton’s mom Ashton exclaimed, “Colton loves it – he always wants to play in his room now!”

I can’t thank everyone enough for giving him everything he deserves and more! I could’ve never made this happen on my own and am forever grateful. 
Colton's Mom