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Kenyan's Wish

Ever since Kenyan was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia at only one year old, his parents have told him that being sick is like being a superhero because he too has to work hard and stay strong enough to fight his medical condition.

Wish kid Kenyan

He has learned that eating oranges and broccoli are how you stay healthy enough to be a superhero, so he eats four oranges a day. When asked what he was going to wish for, Kenyan didn’t hesitate in deciding that he wanted to go to Disney World to meet other superheroes, just like him. 

Having never been on an airplane, Kenyan was convinced that the plane was the rocket ship taking him to be with his superhero friends. Sure enough, Spiderman and Captain America were waiting for Kenyan at the theme parks, ready to greet their new friend. He was also thrilled to learn that SpongeBob SquarePants was real! 

Throughout the wish process, Kenyan and his family felt extremely supported by their Make-A-Wish community and frequently reflect on how his wish has blessed their life. Even after his wish was granted, Kenyan has managed to stay active and healthy, because he is inspired by his “real superhero powers, just like the ones Captain America has.”