I wish to be a police officer



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Wish kid Jordan

Jordan's Wish

Jordan watched with interest as his big sister, Angel, interned with the Oneida City Police Department.

He was in awe of the local men and women in blue and, like Angel, wanted nothing more than to wear a uniform and work alongside his heroes. When he was referred to Make-A-Wish, Jordan knew exactly what he wanted: To become an Oneida City Police Officer. A surprise announcement was made at the state fair thanks to the support of the New York State Police Canine Unit and a contingency from the Oneida department. At the Chevy Court clock tower, Jordan was given his uniform and advised to report to duty the following day. The next morning, a police entourage picked him up and his day of adventure began! Jordan was sworn in at city hall, set a speed trap and pulled over a speeding vehicle, saved the local Rotary Club from an evil villain, and delivered the villain to jail. He also enjoyed a break at Dunkin’ and celebrated with the community at a local restaurant. Since his wish, Jordan continues to visit his fellow officers. According to Jordan’s mom, Olga, they are “like family.”

Wish kid Jordan
Wish kid Jordan