I wish to have an accessible horse-themed playground



neuromuscular disease

Aneglia's horse-themes playground

Angelina's Wish

Smart, spirited Angelina is a confident girl who knows what she likes.

Wish kid Angelina

While a neuromuscular disease restricts her to a motorized wheelchair, it doesn’t slow her down. One of the frustrations Angelina experienced when visiting local playgrounds was an inability to play independently. She found wood chips and uneven ground made it difficult for her to play. When asked what she would like for her wish, Angelina thought seriously and made her decision: She wanted a horse-themed, accessible playground in her own backyard. Angelina’s vision was specific: She wanted a slide and swings – one for her and one for her sister Rosalie. She also wanted a playhouse that looked like a barn and had a picture of a horse on it. A flat, smooth surface for her wheelchair was imperative, as was a bell “to wake up the animals.” Echo tubes to talk with family and friends were also on the list. Thanks to the generosity of Adopt-A-Wish Sponsor Northwestern Mutual, Angelina’s wish came true!  A surprise reveal party was held for Angelina on her birthday, making the day extra special. Now she plays outside every chance she gets!