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I wish to give sick kids a day to forget they are sick




Wish Kid Karina

Karina's 500,000th Wish Granted

In the spring of 2018, Karina was struggling to be the bubbly and vibrant teenager she has always been. 

After undergoing a blood panel to scan for further complications, doctors revealed that they had discovered numerous tumors in her neck and torso. Soon thereafter, Karina began chemotherapy.  

That was when Karina learned of Make-A-Wish®.  

After an extended six-week stay as an inpatient, Karina returned home after finally reaching remission. 

Once she conquered her journey with lymphoma, Karina’s wish journey began. When she came to The Wishing Place to embark on her wish discovery process, it was clear that her challenging experience with cancer certainly did not yield her from her hopeful view of the world. 

Karina during her visit to The Wishing Place in Sacramento

Karina pictured during her visit to The Wishing Place in Sacramento where she was able to talk through her wishes.

Karina’s kind heart and resilient personality glowed as she entered The Wishing Room and she clearly illustrated the heart of an individual who has faced her fears and conquered them. 

When brainstorming the limitless possibilities of what her most heartfelt wish would be, Karina considered being a cyclist, having an electric guitar, meeting her favorite singer, and going to Spain.  

After considering each of these, Karina realized she wanted to wish for something bigger; something she could give. 

"When I found out there was an option to give, that is a wish-come-true," Karina explained.  "It’s fulfilling and brings me a lot of joy.” 

Inspired by her experiences at youth camp programs and the impact of what her wish could do, Karina wished to give sick kids a day to forget they are sick, calling it Kamp Karina.  

As her wish day came, there were so many activities that she planned for her virtual Kamp Karina, and it was made possible thanks to Make-A-Wish America, partnering chapters, our friends at Disney, and XSIGHT Studios that helped spread hope and joy to people everywhere in honor of 500,000th life-changing wish. 

Karina filming part of Kamp Karina at XSIGHT's studio
Karina filming part of Kamp Karina at XSIGHT's studio

From special guests like Josh Gad from Disney’s Frozen, to fellow wish kids near and far who created activities inspired by their own wishes, it was an experience that gave those battling their own struggles, a much-needed sense of hope and joy. 

Karina’s hope was to gift kids with a sense of release from the personal battles that they face on a daily basis. 

And she did just that. 

Welcome to Kamp Karina
Watch Kamp Karina in its entirety on YouTube!
“With this camp, my goal is that children get to actually have a good time. It definitely went beyond my expectations.” 
Wish Kid

And beyond her expectations, it went. Karina’s wish story captured the hearts of so many, including national networks, like Telemundo and NBC News. 

Karina on the NBC Nightly News
Watch Karina on the NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt
Karina en Telemundo discutiendo su deseo
Karina en Telemundo discutiendo su deseo

Wishes like Karina’s have proven to be life-changing for not just the child, but entire communities. You can be part of that life-changing experience in a variety of ways. 

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