I wish to have a computer

Jamie, wish granted 1998


Wish Alum Jamie

40 Years of Wishes: Jamie's Story

“My wish spurred my passion and I still am a writer and blogger today.”

At the age of 9, Jamie was diagnosed with a form of leukemia that required constant treks to and from Los Angeles for treatments. 

Part of that treatment included three months in the infamous “bubble room” to keep her clean of infection. It was during that time when, Jamie was introduced to Make-A-Wish. “I considered many options, like meeting Michael Jackson, but I really wanted to be a writer so I decided to wish for a computer,” said Jamie. 

“Not only did I get a computer, but I received the very first Apple computer along with a printer and desk. My wish spurred my passion and I still am a writer and blogger today.” 

Jamie endured several months of chemotherapy treatment after her wish, but says her wish was a great distraction from it all. 

“When I first received my computer, I would play Oregon Trail all the time which was a great distraction from my treatments,” she said. “All my walls were covered with stuff I created on the computer and I loved being an artist in that sense.” 

Wish Alum Jamie
Wish Alum Jamie
Jamie (circa 1998)
“My wish spurred my passion and I still am a writer and blogger today.”
wish granted 1998
Wish Alum Jamie

Jamie today

“This computer helped me feel special and was a bright moment during a hard year.” 

Now years later, Jamie is a motivational speaker with a blog titled, Surviving the Bubble. Jamie shares her story with leukemia and the aftermath of it all, including the PTSD and depression. 

“That was one of the hardest years of my life, but there were still bright and happy moments along the way as well. I’m so grateful to organizations like Make-A-Wish that provide those moments for so many families.” 

“I’m so grateful for the computer and that it helped spark my writing career, but it was more than the computer itself that made me who I am today,” she continued. “It made me want to be a part of something else and help brighten the days of other kids.”