I wish to have a pink playhouse




Jailene loves her new pink playhouse

Jailene's playhouse gives her a second home

“Jailene loves to be outside and to play outside whenever she can,” said Ana, Jailene's mother. 

Knock, knock – who’s home? Jailene – whose wish to have her own backyard playhouse, complete with kitchen set and covered porch, was granted this summer to her overwhelming happiness.

“Jailene loves to be outside and to play outside whenever she can,” said mom Ana. “She has a kitchen that she plays with on our porch but this is going to be so much better.”

“This” is Jailene’s wish – a small playhouse, with windows, doors, chimney, and a front porch complete with flowers, all done up in Jailene’s favorite color – pink. She and her mother picked out the playhouse from a catalog of options from Enrique’s Little Town playhouses, an Arizona-based, family-owned playhouse builder who finished the construction and installation in only two days. Jailene put in a special request for a mailbox and her letter “J” on the front. 

“We hung a sheet on the door so she couldn’t look out for the last two days, but she did try to peak a couple of times when she heard the hammering,” said Ana. Ana and the team from Enrique’s got to see Jailene’s joy when she finally was able to step inside the playhouse for the first time.

“I’m going inside, are you coming?” Jailene asked all her visitors on her wish day. She used the shopping cart that was provided as an enhancement to bring her all the new play dishes and the real snacks that were also part of the fun into her new kitchen. She didn’t even seem to mind the tube on her face, required for her treatment for leukemia, or the 115 degree heat of the day, which she ignored to continue her perfect afternoon. 

“Knock knock, who’s there,” she said while trying the front door to get her mom and brother inside. “I’ll wash them,” she said while organizing her new plates, bowls, cups and utensils in her new kitchen set. 

Ever the good host, she also offered up tea and snacks to her guests. Eventually, the heat got to her family and guests and they tried to get her to take a rest inside before coming back out to her house but she was quick to head for the door of her house before being convinced.

“Let’s go inside my house,” she said, opening the door and welcoming everyone in. “It’s a good time to play.” 

"I'm going inside, are you coming?"
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