I wish to have a backyard playset



pulmonary disorder

Ethan loves his new backyard wish playset.

Ethan looks forward to swinging away from his worries

Ethan’s wish for a playset brings the park to his backyard

Ethan loves to be outdoors, but he’s been forced to spend a lot of time inside lately because of his nervous system disorder and sensitive immune system.

“With his condition, he catches a lot from other kids and he can’t even go to the park,” said his mom, Ariel. “He wish was to have a place to go where he’s not cooped up, especially right now with everything going on, and be able to play.”

Ethan’s wish to have a playset, specifically with a slide and swings, brought all the things he loves about the park to his own backyard. 

Together, his wish team worked with American Play Systems and AZ Turf Masters over a few months, with the plan to reveal his full wish on Ethan’s birthday.

Some elements of his new backyard playset were a surprise – like a rock wall, a fort and astroturf – all things Ethan had mentioned but wasn’t sure would be included!

“His wish makes it so we don’t have to worry about his health and safety in public anymore,” said his dad, Robert. “Ethan can just walk out his back door and he’s in heaven.”

Ethan’s smile couldn’t be contained behind his mask as he explored his new backyard, including his absolute favorite part – the yellow twisty slide! But Ethan’s special day did not end there. 

The team at Assurant, who adopted Ethan’s wish, also organized a surprise drive-by parade with an appearance from the Phoenix Fire Department to celebrate his wish and drop off presents for his 5th birthday. 

"We can never thank everyone enough," Ethan’s family shared. “Ethan will never forget this day, we can assure you that for a very long time. We are really truly thankful."