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Brendan and his mom Natalie on his new adaptive bike

Brendan's adaptive bike his key to outdoor adventure

Brendan loves to be outside and feel the wind in his face. His new adaptive bicycle allows for both of those at once. 

Brendan, 17, is never more happy than when he has the wind in his hair and is outdoors, adventuring with his mother. 

As a child with cerebral palsy who is also blind, when Brendan started to experience epileptic seizures daily, his mom Natalie was worried it would change his sunny personality, but so far, he takes everything with good humor.

“The past couple of years were rough, to be sure,” she said. “He broke a leg falling out of a lift and has spent more time in the hospital than usual with surgeries and rehabilitation, but he still is such a happy personality and a good kid.” 

It was through therapy that Brendan’s wish came to be. 

“His therapist put him on a motorized bike and he was overwhelmed at first but he really enjoyed it afterwards and he couldn’t stop mentioning it,” said Natalie. He also love the outdoors.

“When it is nice outside, he wants to be outside and he loves to go faster and faster in his chair when we push him on walks,” said Natalie. 

Though, as Brendan has aged, pushing him around the neighborhood has become quite a workout for Natalie. 

“When we showed him a picture of this bike, he was so excited and talked about going faster and faster,” said Natalie. “I think this is going to be really life-changing for him, and for me to keep him active and happy.”

“Plus, this is something he can have for a long time,” she continued. 

The wheelchair/bike tandem, which is part wheelchair and part bicycle, enables Natalie to ride Brendan around easily. Plus, it has a motor which will help for any big hills, meaning they can take some long rides. In addition, his physical therapy team requested add-ons for the bike that will make it comfortably fit Brendan for years to come.

“We try to use it everyday now that the weather is nice,” said Natalie. “He loves to go fast and finds it funny when we aim for people, like we are going to run them over.

"Now, we can ride bikes with his cousins and my mother and he feels like he is a part of the fun," continued Natalie. "It has been so great to see him open up to the joy of being on the bike and how happy it makes him to be with everyone."